Mini Photo Frame & Brooch Collection

Below are some of our handcrafted Orchid design Capiz Shell Mini Photo Frames and Brooches.

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Product details
All Mini Photo Frames and Brooches are crafted from plated copper wire, plated copper tube and hand-cut, hand-painted Capiz Shell.

Card measurements: 6" x 6" x 0.4" (15.5cm x 1505cm x 0.5cm).

What your order includes
All Mini Photo Frames and Brooches are presented in the form of a gift card, which can be used to write a personalised message, as well as an envelope within which to place your distinctive card.

All Mini Photo Frames and Brooches are individually wrapped in a cellophane cover and are ready for display.

The Story of Capiz

Capiz-glazed Windows
Capiz-glazed Windows
Raw Capiz Shell
Raw Capiz Shell
Capiz, also known as the Windowpane Oyster, Placuna placenta, is a bivalve marine mollusk in the family of Placunidae.

Sourcing Capiz Shells
Capiz, a province of the Philippines, derives its name from the shell, which flourishes abundantly there. They are harvested from the tropical waters of the South China Seas surrounding the Philippine Islands.

Capiz Shells are a natural food source and the controlled harvesting of the shells is not harmful to the environment. The shells can usually be found in muddy or sandy shores on bays, coves, and lagoons to a depth of about 100 m (330 ft).

History of Capiz Shells
The translucent Capiz Shells were first used by the Spanish to make windows during the Sixteenth Century, and are now commonly used in windowpanes in the Philippines, India, and other Asian countries, as they are a cheaper alternative to glass and readily abundant.

Craftsmanship at TMS
At TMS, all our Natural Treasures Collections are created from hand-cut, hand-painted Capiz Shells and plated copper wire.

Each piece is individually crafted by Filipino Craftsmen, making each one delightfully unique.