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Featured pieces
Select from the range of products featured on this site, or enquire about specific formats from our extensive database of designs produced in the past.

We will be pleased to provide examples.

Customised pieces
We are also able and happy to provide custom designed pieces.
These pieces might be:

All you need to do is provide us with a detailed description and, where possible, a preliminary picture of your preferred design.

Our flexible and creative designers will then draw up a unique design to meet your individual needs.

Contact details
Please feel free to contact us with trade enquiries at the details below.

Fax:  +65 6766 0842

Tel:   +65 6766 6542

Email: Click here to email us

Urgent enquiries
For urgent enquiries, please contact our key people on the phone numbers below.

Tony Melero                   +65 9754 2461
(Managing Director)

Pearly Tan                      +65 9786 9940
(Administration Manager)

We will respond to you as promptly as we can, however, please note that Singapore is 8 hours ahead of GMT.

We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting your requirements.

Other Contact Information

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